Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why is this so complicated?

Honestly, this should have been so simple. I called the ASU computerstore about 2 weeks ago to order the software Leigh Anne needs for her new computer. The guy told me to wait, call a week before we come & they will transfer it to the downtown bookstore for us, she can sign the license agreement, pay & pick it up then! Sounds great....

So yesterday I called again, told them "we'll be on campus in a week. Please send the software to the downtown bookstore". Oh no! She has to sign the license agreement before we can send it. I can email it to her. Great! "Can I pay you now?" Oh no, you can pay when you pick it up. No problem. Got the email, printed the document, Leigh Anne signed it, scanned it, sent it all back. Done, right?

No, no, not so quick. Today the same girl calls me back. "I can't send this to the bookstore until you pay for it". New story! So now it is paid for. Do you think it will be there when we arrive? Somehow I wonder!

I am remembering going off to college in 1980.... one suitcase (maybe 2?), 2 pair of shoes, one set of sheets..... times have changed!

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