Friday, June 19, 2009

this & that

This morning I mailed off 6 shopping bags to my sister in Ohio. The girls at the Cleveland Clinic, where she works are waiting for them.... including this one. I really love how this turned out & think I might make another for myself...Ally & I have been looking at sewing machines. She wanted her own for her 13th birthday (which is still about 6 weeks off). Today we decided to get this machine from Hancock Fabrics. Ally named it Steve. Why you ask? Because it's a BROTHER! DUH!We barely had it out of the box & Ally was on the floor pinning...And by dinnertime, she had finished this pair of sleep shorts! Great job I say!While she was working, I was right by her side at my machine making this: Fun fun! My first pin cushion. I filled it with crushed walnut shells that I bought in a ziploc bag at the quilt store. Everyone says you can get a big bag of them at the pet store cheaper, but when I went into Petco the other day & asked the lady, she looked at me like I had three heads! I will keep looking!

Ally & I made the fancy pins the other day with shrinky dinks! We're having a fun summer.

I've been working away at my granny squares too. Ally's afghan has 65 squares now! & my hexagons are coming along too.

15 hexagons! They take a little longer but are so fun to make.
Lots of projects here. Hope your summer is just as happy as mine!


Beth said...

love the bag!

Vintage Chicken said...

GREAT job on the shorts!
It's always fun to start and finish a project quickly - it helps to motivate me to do more! LOL

Oh, and the the bag is cute too!

Ellyn said...

thanks girls! Ally has since finished a pillow too.. & the shorts have been worn & washed!