Wednesday, April 29, 2009

post number 50! Granny squares & other stuff...

Wow! 50 posts already! Time flies. So here's what's been happening around here. First off I wanted to share a fun project from this book....I loved the embellished tank top project... so I made one for each of my girls. I didn't get a picture of Leigh Anne's before I mailed it off, silly me! But here is Ally wearing hers...It has little scraps of applique around the front, and hand stitches & tiny buttons around the neckline... easy & fun to make, used up some of my scraps & the girls love them! YAY!

Next, I told you I was intrigued by the whole "granny square a day" thing blogged here.
I made my first one yesterday. The best instructions I found online were these at CraftStylish. Here's my first square...I decided to do them all in orange, pinks & white. These are Ally's new colors. I was originally going to keep it a secret from her, but then I realized that's just not possible! Here's the beginning of day 2...
I decided to try these instructions for attaching the squares... and it worked! I figure maybe I'll have a whole afghan by Christmas! Honestly, the biggest problem for me is sticking to just ONE granny square a day. I could easily get caught up in this & neglect all of my other projects (not to mention the laundry, cooking, cleaning...).

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