Saturday, September 4, 2021

Going Up!

Eight weeks into my Through Ellyn's Eyes project and I'm still having so much fun. Beginning to see some patterns and learn some things about myself so that's awesome. This week I dipped back into buildings. I love buildings and architecture and find so much inspiration in cities. 

While I have a bunch of things sketched out in my sketchbook, when this week rolled around I really didn't know what I wanted to make. It kind of freaked me out a bit! I am always itching to get started on my next mini in the project but this week I kind of hit a wall. Nothing inspired me. Luckily I had other things to work on and deadlines to meet, so I kept busy. Very late in the week I had this vision of a ladder climbing up to a high, open window.....
Going up has a story to tell... what do you think it is? Did someone already climb up through the window? A forbidden boyfriend perhaps, sneaking in behind her paren't backs? A mischievous teenager who had snuck out after curfew? A burglar? YIKES! What do you think the story is?
I love how this one plays with my City Windows quilt. Both have a cartoonish feel, don't you think?

Eight quilts finished so far! Where do you think I'll go next?


Debbie said...

Your current scene made me think of when we travel to far off places and see things (windows, doors, streets, anything...) we wonder about. We get a peek into another person's life, but not a realistic view.
I also love how many of the colors you use flow from one mini to the next...

Maria said...

Oh interesting to know the story behind the ladder and open window??? Was it you ??
You do a great job thinking up the themes for your minis….