Friday, June 18, 2021

Quilts Unscripted

 Several months ago, The Solid Seven, a modern solids improv bee I was a part of wrapped up. While it was great to step back and take a break for a bit, I was missing the community that comes from participating in a bee and the inspiration and challenges beemates always provide. When I talked to Sarah about it, turns out she was feeling the same way. We decided to invite other improv quilters whose work we knew and admired to join us in a new adventure.

We invited 10 quilters (including ourselves) to play along and.... what do you know.... all said yes! We all seem to be craving community right now, don't we? Several members threw out ideas for a name. A vote was taken and, by an overwhelming majority, we chose to become Quilts Unscripted.

First up with a prompt for June is Sarah Ruiz. Sarah is creating an Improv Ransom Note Alphabet quilt. She asked each of us to sign up for some letters to make (to avoid duplication), gave us a bright, happy color palette and set us free. Well, if you've been around here long you know how much I love letters/words on quilts. Also, isn't it hilarious that our very first Quilts Unscripted prompt is literally SCRIPT??? I thought so.

I tend to jump on my prompts pretty quickly so my blocks have already arrived at Sarah's house. The letters I  chose were H, Q and Z. I started with the Z and at first nobody could tell what it was supposed to be. Once I added borders it became clearer...

H was up next. Hubby said it looks like the History channel logo? Maybe a little but I assure you I did not use that as any kind of inspiration..,,

By the time I got to Q I was running out of brilliant ideas. Even though I improv pieced this Q it ended up looking pretty much like a copied font. oh well....

These were great fun to make and I'm sure Sarah's quilt will be fantastic.

I wonder what July will bring?

If you want to follow along with our group, you can find us at #quiltsunscripted or #quiltsunsdriptedbee.


Maria said...

Such a fun bee group…Fabulous letter Ellyn and it will be great to see the finished quilt later.

Debbie said...

Love your new bee name and your blocks for the first prompt. Checking out the hashtag to see more. ;-)