Saturday, June 26, 2021


Many years ago, maybe 12-15 years ago, Ally and I bought the Allie dog pattern from Bunny Hill Designs and made bunches of puppies for all of her friends. I had tucked it away and recently pulled it out to make more puppies from my hand woven scrap fabrics.

Whenever I weave a batch of towels I save the small bits of woven fabric that are left at the end of the run. I knew these scraps would come in handy one day! The puppies are backed in quilting cotton from my stash and stuffed with fiber fill. 

 These will be donated to our church bazaar for the kids shop. I think the kids will love the bright colors! 


Debbie said...

Super cute! Don't laugh but years ago a friend and I were into making ducks of a similar size. Not sure why ducks but we still have a couple we hand on our Christmas tree every year. Anyway - glad you could use your beautiful woven scraps!

Maria said...

What a gorgeous littler of puppies! Will be very much loved by the little ones.