Monday, April 19, 2021

watercolor journey

 Last year I shared that I had started playing with watercolors just to learn something new. I haven't shared about it in a long time, but I continue to learn and play and I feel like I might be getting better at it! It's funny, while my quilting tends toward solids and graphic design, I really love painting flowers! I thought I'd share a few of my recent entries in my sketchbook. Do you think I'm improving?

Sometimes I layer black sharpie doodles over top of my floral paintings just for fun.

I've almost filled my third sketchbook, in addition to painting many many notecards. I ordered a fourth sketchbook from Amazon and it's ready to go! Have you learned any new skills during quarantine?


Debbie said...

Beautiful work! I did learn to make a Kawandi Siddi quilt, but that's still pretty related to what I already do. I tried ALOT of new recipes tho, so that's something!

Maria said...

You’re a very talented lady Ellyn and I love the flowers you do.....