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Thursday, October 15, 2020


 Hubby and I early voted in Texas yesterday. I've been voting for more than 50 years and have never felt as passionate about voting as I do this year. There is so much at stake in our nation right now and the obligation (and privilege) to vote has been heavy on my mind.

The line was not long yesterday at the polls, and it moved quickly. They had great safety measures in place and everyone was wearing masks and socially distant. 20 minutes from arrival to finish... not bad!

In a very timely manner, our Improv small group, the Comedy Club Quilters, chose "VOTE" as our quilty prompt this month. I made this postcard to share...

I used Sarah's great tutorial posted here.  I'd really like to make more postcards. Maybe I'll do all of our monthly prompts as postcards so I have a collection!

I hope you have a plan to get out and vote!


Debbie said...

Love your postcard! Glad you didn't have any trouble voting! We are a vote by mail state here so will get on that as soon as our ballots arrive. SO important!

barbara woods said...

i voted yesterday to , my hubby who has COPD mailed his in.

Maria said...

It always good to get in for the early voting. I also do that here in Aussie because it is compulsory for us to vote..

Maria said...

Oh ! I do like your postcard and the use of the button for the O