Thursday, July 9, 2020

more watercolor

Hello friends! We are still sheltering at home here, as Texas has seen a recent surge in Covid19 cases. This nasty virus has impacted several friends and their families, so far our family remains healthy. I hope this finds you healthy as well.

I'm still enjoying dabbling in watercolor doodling. Most recently, I've been experimenting with flowers.

trying out different kinds of doodle flowers
some more delicate flowers. A set of four that might become cards
and a coordinating page in my art journal.

Have you learned anything new lately?


Made by Mrs Jones x said...

It’s great to find some silver linings in these awful times. I’ve done a lot more dressmaking and I have started a vegetable garden during lockdown.

Maria said...

Pleased your family and you are keeping well as we are.
Love your dodalling ! 😁

Debbie said...

Love all you are exporing! The main place I am 'learning' is thru the Stitch Club - Kantha and now sashiko. I'm really enjoying handwork again - yay!