Wednesday, March 18, 2020


Well the world sure has turned upside down these past few days, hasn't it? I'm normally quite content to stay in, hanging out in my studio making things, but tell me I CAN'T leave the house? Suddenly it all feels very confining. But enough of that nonsense, we're all in the same boat, aren't we? We'll get through this together.

Our pastor at church reminds us every single week that "Wherever you go, whatever you do, God goes with you" and I love that. Several weeks ago I drew the above quilt top in my sketchbook, thinking "one day I'll stitch that up". Well, today felt like just the right day to do that. I can't wait to quilt up this little quilt (24" x 34") so I can hang it as a constant reminder. 

I seem to be on an improv star kick lately. I made this Stars over the City mini a couple not weeks ago for a class I plan to teach at Not Your Mama's Quilt Store. The background fabric in the two quilts is actually the same, I blame poor lighting for the variation you see here. 

So it appears I have the beginning of a series going here.... we'll see if that continues!

I hope you are well and finding creative things to do in these unsettling days. 

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Debbie said...

Nice! Hang in there. This too shall pass!