Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Solid Seven bee blocks

I mentioned this on Instagram and I need to repeat it here. Every month when my prompt arrives from a Solid Seven Beemate I think to myself "this is the greatest prompt! No one will ever beat this!" and then the next month..... I think the same thing! These ladies are incredible and sewing blocks for them makes me happy month after month. Here are a couple I made recently....
These blocks were made for Nicole. She sent us very good directions for the block she had designed along with a foundation paper piecing template. These were a blast to make! Our instructions were to use three colors that are side by side on the color wheel and the color directly across. This made for some really fun combinations!

It was funny, the day I made these I had gone on and on about how I didn't get the point of FPP improv. Why not just sew random fabrics together? What was the point of the paper at all? Then I received Nicole's directions and it all made sense! I would call this "directed improv FPP" and it made PERFECT sense! I stand corrected!

Next up were Ailish's blocks. Well, you all know how much I love words on quilts. When I got Ailish's prompt I was so excited. WORDS! Specifically, she wanted us to spell the names of 3 of our favorite kona solids using the color on a white background. BRILLIANT! We could use any letter pattern/template we wanted, including improv. Well.... I had just purchased Crimson Tate's Noteworthy pattern which gives an awesome improv template for each letter of the alphabet. I used it for all three of my blocks and will use it millions of times in the future. Love love love it. Enough said.....

Gosh these are fun! Tangerine ended up being 40 inches long... yikes! since Sour Apple is the same number of letters, I made those a bit smaller. These are ready to be mailed.

I absolutely cannot wait to see both of these quilts come together. And next month..... I'm the queen bee again! I thought I had a plan but now I'm changing my mind... stay tuned!

to see more of our bee's work, check out #thesolidseven on Instagram!


Debbie said...

Very fun blocks! And I love the concept behind the letter/color blocks. Good luck deciding on your prompt for next month. I'm up for Bee Sewcial too!

Maria said...

Nicole's blocks will make a fabulous quilt and I really like the black and white strip in the block.
Nice word blocks for Ailish. What will she make with them ??