Wednesday, November 7, 2018

what to wear Wednesday, McCalls 7751

One of my goals for 2018 was to sew more garments. I've kind of gone in spurts with this throughout the year. Most recently garment sewing has stalled. Until last week! I had bought these Cotton & Steel lovelies when I was in NYC last month and wasn't sure what I planned to do with them.
I had three yards of the large print, clearly thinking it would be a great garment. Only one yard of the small print. It had not dawned on me when I purchased them that I might use the two together. Then I saw this pattern...
and I loved it. I didn't have quite enough of the large print to do the whole blouse, but that was fine with me. I used the small print for the collar, collar band and the side insets and I must say I am quite pleased with the results.
I love the asymmetry of the hem especially. The only alteration I made was to leave off the sleeve "cuffs". It seemed like a fussy detail that was unnecessary to me.
Look! It even has a faux button placket up the back. So cute.
you might be seeing me in this top a lot in the near future. maybe. Also, I think perhaps I'll make a couple more!


Maria said...

WOW ! what a great shirt you made from tow lovely fabrics..
I still haven't sewn anything for myself and the is nearly over.

Debbie said...

Really pretty and what a fun style - I like the faux placket in the back too!

Sally said...

Looks great! (and comfortable). Is the fabric rayon or is it quilting cotton?

Pink Rose said...

Hi Ellyn your new shirt looks fantastic,i love the style,what a beautiful make,well done.