Saturday, August 18, 2018

Mondrian Blocks

I recently had the opportunity to test Jayne (Twiggy and Opal)'s new pattern for these awesome Mondrian Blocks. I had played with Mondrian style blocks before, nearly three years ago when my friend Chris requested them as bee blocks.  At that time, all I knew to do was to improv piece them (though honestly I didn't  realize then that improv was what I was doing!). Oh, but Jayne has made it so much easier with these paper pieced beauties!

Her pattern includes the two 9 inch blocks that I tested and mini 4 inch blocks too! It includes great photos and diagrams, coloring sheets.... the works!
The pattern is available in her Craftsy shop, here. Hop on over and get one for yourself! you won't be sorry.


Jayne said...

I can't thank you enough for testing for me Ellyn! I honestly could not have pulled it off without your feedback and setting me straight on more than one occasion! I'm thrilled to have it finished and I can now make the block without losing brain cells from too much thinking!!

Maria said...

Interesting block but I'm not a PPer ):