Tuesday, July 4, 2017

ironing board cover

As I showed in my last post, my ironing board was seriously in need of a new cover. I bought 2 yards of this cute cotton fabric CHEAP at Joanns (because seriously, I'm just going to trash it, right?) and set right to work.
I'm mostly documenting this here for my own future reference (although I will undoubtedly forget it is here & recreate the wheel anyways. oh well). 

When hubby helped me create my ironing station, we staple gunned the batting & original cover to the top board. I planned to make removable covers down the road.

I cut a piece of fabric, 67" x 25" and rounded the corners (fold them all together & use a small plate)
press under 1/4" all the way around, then press under again, 1/2". 
Stitch it down all the way around, forming a casing for the elastic. Don't forget to leave an opening at one end!
Thread the elastic through (I used about 3 yards). You can stitch the ends together when you get the fit you want. I'll be honest, I just tied mine in a double knot! It goes under the board & you can't see it anyways.

Stretch the cover over your board, tighten up the elastic & poof! you're done.

I wonder how long I can keep this pretty cover clean and pretty. Any bets?
This is my first finish in the third quarter of the Finish-a-long.... took about an hour!


Debbie said...

I need to do this to mine one of these days. Yay for your first finish!

Ondrea said...

It looks wonderful. Great idea.

Carol said...

Good work. I should put this on my finish-a-long list -- it is something that doesn't seem that fun to make, but I think the outcome would be well worth it. Nice job!