Thursday, December 22, 2016

weaving houndstooth

My poor loom has been sitting empty since October! While weaving is relaxing and fun, warping the loom is labor intensive and required more up and down, back and forth, than I was capable of just after my knee surgery. Until now! Last weekend, hubby helped me get everything set up and I warped the loom to try something new! I had been wanting to weave a houndstooth pattern for a while. I used this tutorial and found it to be simple, even though it looks complicated. Love that!
I ended up with two yards of 20 inch wide fabric when I took it off the loom
wow, this picture makes it look really blue!
And decided to make it into pillows

I was able to get two 14 inch square pillow covers out of the fabric. I really love the way they look (duh! AQUA!)

The back is bound in fabric envelope style, allowing a pillow form to be inserted
I am thinking about making a bunch of pillows like this and filling up my etsy shop. Poor little shop has been sitting empty for ages!


Maria said...

Your woven hounds tooth cushion cover is gorgeous....

Chantal said...

It's beautiful Ellyn! I love the houndstooth pattern. Merry Christmas to you and your family! I hope you have some of the kiddos at home and that your home is filled with love and happiness.

Debbie said...

What fun to try something new!

Ondrea said...

WEll done! Hey, I see your crocheted blanket in the background. Was that the CAL one I did too? Looks familiar.