Saturday, December 31, 2016

fourth quarter of the finish along

Well, despite setting low goals for the fourth quarter finish along, knowing I was having surgery and all, I only finished two of the three items on my list. The third one is, however, well under way! I'll just add it to my first quarter goals for 2017 and be happy with that.

My first finish this quarter was my wonky dresden neighborhood quilt. I had so much fun with this one!
My second finish is my most recent bee quilt which has already been put to good use.

My Liberty plus quilt is still a work in progress.... although I am nearing the end of the piecing! I am thinking now that it may become a pretty pillow. We will know soon. This is the only goal I didn't reach in the finish along for the whole year. Pretty proud of myself for that.
How did you do with your quilty goals this year?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ellyn,wow your work is amazing,thankyou for sharing,happy new year.

Chantal said...

Congratulations Ellyn on all the super finishes. Wow, only one that you did not finish!!!! You did really well. My UFO list at the end of this year is smaller than at the beginning. I will take that as a move in the right direction. I quilted 6 large quilts this year. I am proud of that. This year I would like to take care of more of the quilt tops that are waiting to be quilted.

Debbie said...

oh I'd say you had a very good FAL year!

Maria said...

Love you finishes Ellyn.
The paper pieced one is being made with pretty fabrics, look forward to seeing it finished...