Sunday, June 12, 2016

bears in the wild

Another baby quilt is done.... Bjorn Bear from Elizabeth Hartman's Woodland Animals Craftsy class. This was so much fun to make! Each bear had a zillion little pieces, but with her awesome tips & tricks, it was easy to keep them all sorted and labelled.
seriously, EACH ear has 10 pieces alone!
Ally chose all of the fabrics, a mix of blue/green/brown grunge & I love them all together!
My friend Sandy quilted paw prints which is just perfect! 

Today we have a nice cloud cover but no rain, so we headed to a nearby park with Hubby's truck to snap a few pictures. It was a bit frustrating as there was quite a bit of wind...

Poor Hubby's arms were getting tired holding up the bears & waiting for the wind to die down! 

But we did manage to get some fun shots!


Debbie said...

Turned out super cute!

Maria said...

You did a great job picking the fabrics Ally and Ellyn you turned them into a fabulous Bear it being put away in the Gramdma Chest?
Was Mr E lying the back of the truck holding the quilt sew it wouldn't blow away?

Ondrea said...

Beary cute!

Made by Mrs Jones x said...

Absolutely love it! Well worth the effort.

Sally said...

Oh, this one is so super cute! I definitely like this pattern, although I don't like the thought of all of those little pieces. The colors you used look perfect!