Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas flashback

I'd like to share my favorite Christmas present with you! It's from my mom... sort of. Actually I originally gave it to her years ago and this Christmas she sent it back to me! It's this lovely group of carolers...

There was always crafting going on at my house when I was a child. In the early 70s (the Santa in the back is dated 1974, painted by Mom) Mom painted beautiful ceramic pieces. Of course I decided I needed to try it too! I loved these sweet carolers and their puppy. I have never had a steady hand for painting (as evidenced in the black lines on the first sweet girl's skirt) but I did my best. Hey, I was in my early teens after all! (not that I could do any better today. Ha.) Also, I confess that I refused to paint the faces. They totally intimidated me! Mom did those for me.

Anyways, these singers, complete with my initials on the bottom, have come to live with me in Texas and I will be so thrilled to pull them out every Christmas and remember my crafty childhood years.

Did you craft when you were a child?


Ondrea said...

How cute are they! I think the lines on that skirt look great. Clever gal you are. Just realised you are in Texas. No tornedos your way I hope. I heard Dallas copped a lot. Angel hugs.

Maria said...

how nice to have those lovely Carolers and Santa come back home to live with you. What lovely treasures.
I learnt to do a bit of embroidery with a older lady that lived a few houses from us.

Chantal said...

I really like your carolers. It's even better that they have a special memory attached to them. I did a lot of crafting when I was young. I was the only person in the house who knew how to crochet and my mom used to buy me yarn to crochet afghans for everybody's bed. I think she still has them all to this day.