Monday, November 30, 2015

Tree skirt

In my never ending quest to turn all things aqua, I have finished up a new tree skirt for our Christmas tree!
I used this fantastic pattern,  which my friend Melissa, from My Fabric Relish offers for FREE in her Craftsy shop. It just so happened that the day I was searching for a pattern (perfectly willing to pay!) Melissa posted a  link to hers on her instagram account. Fate? Maybe so!

In my usual fashion, I followed the instructions loosely! Ha! I will tell you, I do not have a dresden ruler, but Melissa's instructions for measuring and cutting the wedges are PERFECT! My friend Sandy quilted it for me (I briefly considered just stitching in the ditch but when Sandy said she had time to do an overall motif on it for me I was thrilled!). Most of the changes I made were in the way I did my binding and the fact that I only included one tie in the back...

So now my aqua and red tree is fully dressed and I'm so happy! Last year I pulled the ornaments together but time ran out on me and I bunched some sparkly stuff up underneath as a poor excuse for a tree skirt. This is so much nicer, don't you think?

Are you decorating for the holidays yet?


Maria said...

That is a lovely tree skirt ....looks great! Will pop over and check out the pattern..
No haven't even thought about decorating yet.
Off to Perth tomorrow ,app for Hubby and then I am going to see Lion King with DD and kids.
On return I am having ducted air con put in...yeh!!!
Then I will decorate.

Chantal said...

There is much decorating going on here and I also need another tree skirt. I think I will have to look at this pattern as it is just gorgeous. I love the aqua in the tree skirt. You only like aqua a little bit hey!

Ondrea said...

Very pretty. Clever you! Nope, no decos yet.

Debbie said...

Very sweet combo! I have aqua or maybe turquoise in my tree pants....I like it with traditional Christmas colors. No decorating for me for a bit though....been out of town, will work a few days then head out again.....soon though!