Tuesday, August 25, 2015

empty nesters

Ally is happily moved into her college dorm & hubby and I find ourselves with time alone together. Our first stop after dropping her off on Saturday? Buc-cee's....
If you're not a Texan (we're not but we've lived here long enough I guess some people consider us Texans) you may not be familiar with Buc-cee's... an enormous gas station/gift shop/snack bar. If we're being honest here, we mostly stopped because they have large, clean restrooms & after an hour or so in the car and large diet pepsis, we were in need of those! We also took advantage of one of the 40 gazillion gas pumps.

But that wasn't the most exciting stop of the day (nor was it a planned stop! ha!). Halfway home is Waco, TX, home of Chip & Joanna Gaines of HGTV/Fixer Upper fame. I had been dying to stop at their home store, Magnolia Market.

Truthfully it's a teeny tiny shop, but there was a nice assortment of home dec goodies & the staff was friendly & helpful. Hubby & I wanted to buy one of their well known metal quote signs and spent a few minutes mulling them over. In the end we chose this one, because it defines our marriage to a tee...

I love it propped up on our mantel!

After we visited the shop we set out to find "the Silos" which Chip & Joanna are renovating. Soon it will be the new location for their shop and their business (I'm already plotting a return visit!). It's under construction now, but I got some pretty good pictures (with my phone, from the car!)

 The white building with the four high windows is the renovated building.
I just love the rustic silos!

It was a fun first day for us empty nesters for sure!


Debbie said...

Fun! Being an empty nester was a tough adjustment for me. Good you are jumping right into adventures!

Maria said...

You are both having fun... Love the new sign you purchased.

Lainee said...

I was introduced to Buc-ees a couple of weeks ago in Gonzales, TX. We stopped in for their cheap gas (80 gallons) on our way back to Georgia and was able to score the last of the fixins for two Rhinos...they were heavenly...I never would have thought of having refried beans in a breakfast burrito!