Sunday, December 28, 2014

2014 year in review - quilts

Confession.... I do these year in review posts mostly so I will have a record of what I completed this past year! I sure had fun quilting this year and completed lots of quilts, big and small. Here are most of them....

First up, big quilts! 
Metro Hoops  Marcelle Medallion   Modern Baby Quilt
Dualing Asterisks  Pow Wow   Polka dots
Medium quilts....
Michael Miller challenge Stitchalong
 Postcard quilt  full house
And Minis!
Raincheck Raincheck again! Dwell Swoon Stitch

Mini Asterisks IGmini swap You're a star!

And one last mini made just this past week. whew. I wonder if I can keep up this pace next year?


Debbie said...

oh what fun! I love that you made a postcard quilt and I especially like your asterisks! All beautiful tho!

Melissa said...

What a FUN look at all your accomplishments this year! And I love that one of those minis is hanging in my craft room! :>)

Kristin said...

Impressive list of finishes! Way to go!

Chantal said...

That is a bunch of quilty goodness! A most productive year!!!!

prsd4tim2 said...

Oh! I love your quilts! Love the Pow Wow - those colors pack a punch! And your minis are so fun!

I did so well the first half of the year and have accomplished NOTHING since I went back to work. I've had a houseful over Christmas, but I'm hoping to get in some quality sewing over New Year's - and maybe even a blog post on my poor neglected blog. I have a couple of swaps to complete, so that should be some kind of motivation, shouldn't it?

Three Owls Handmade said...

All that AND a Marcelle Medallion! You are a machine. I love your style, Ellyn.