Wednesday, July 23, 2014

teaching kids to sew, big stitch quilting

The girls were back at ellyn's place today to work on their economy block pillows. They liked the big stitch hand quilting I had done on my sample & asked if I could teach them that. Why certainly!
 I love to hand stitch (I know that makes me an oddball to some of you!). I find it very relaxing. And ever since I discovered tiger tape, my hand stitching looks so even and tidy, I love it even more! So I got the tiger tape out and the girls set to work.

They did a wonderful job! Two of them found it very relaxing and fun. The third.... well, not so much! She openly declared that it was not her favorite part of sewing. I assured her that it was quite all right. She tried it and it wasn't for her! I told her many of my adult sewing friends feel the same way.

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Maria said...

The girls are concentrating hard on their hand sewing . I understand that one of them don't Iike it. I didn't but would love to learn hand quilting now and have signed up for a workshop in September.
What is Tiger Tape ??