Wednesday, December 18, 2013

stitchery - finish it up!

Let's put those stitcheries together shall we? Lay out your 12 stitcheries and 13 charm squares in a 5x5 grid. Top row will have 2 stitcheries, next row 3, then 2 then 3 then 2. Make sense? Sew them  together in rows, then sew your rows together. This will give you a 23 inch square.

Now here's the deal. Sometimes you (ok, maybe not you. but me for sure) picture something in your head and when you put it together it's something else altogether. Here are my blocks all sewn together:

Holy cow, that's really BUSY! Let's just say, if I had it to do over again I think I would use solids in between instead of prints! HOWEVER.... this is what I pictured for a whole year and I am going with it. So there.

I decided to add solid pink borders all the way around mine. It did control the madness some! It also made it quite large (about 28 inches square with 3 1/2 inch borders). I have it all pinned and ready to quilt in the next few days but I thought I would give you an idea for your own stitcheries.

A few tips:

I put my stitcheries in order (January, then February, then March... and so on). Feel free to put yours in whatever order is pleasing to you. There are no rules!

Press all of your seams toward the charm squares to avoid bulk.

Please post your pictures in our flickr group.

If you haven't joined us in the stitchalong or you are missing some patterns, I will post all of the links to the stitchery blog posts in one post in a couple of days. That way you don't have to go searching! I can't wait to see what you come up with!


Maria said...

Your stitcheries look great sewn together with the charm squares. Must do my December one and sew them together.... Thank you for the patterns all year Ellyn.

Melissa said...

It is busy, but it's totally fun & I think the border is the perfect touch!