Friday, April 5, 2013

April Stitchalong

Have you been stitching along with us every month? I know Maria has! And Laura too, she did a wonderful blog post about our stitchalong. Thank you Laura! You can see their stitcheries here and add yours too. Please do! We'd all love to see what you are doing.

Since we just celebrated Jesus' resurrection this past Sunday, our April stitchalong is a doodled cross....
It will fit in with the bring 'n brag themes of crosses or bunnies (let's be honest here, I can't draw a decent bunny).  You can find the pattern for the cross here.

Now you will have four completed stitcheries to share with us.

 Happy April friends!


Melissa said...

What a wondeful cross! I haven't crafted since Tuesday! :(

Sherry said...

I'm stitching too! Just finishing up March and then I will take a picture. Thanks Ellen, I am enjoying!

Maria said...

Ellyn would you mind if I did a Bunny?????