Thursday, June 21, 2012

pinterest success

As much as Pinterest sucks away my time (you know what I mean, don't you? Please tell me I am not alone!) it has been a wonderful thing in many ways. Last night my family enjoyed a new recipe that I found on Pinterest. And sewing ideas... oh heavens. I will never ever have time to do all of the projects that I have found! But some, I have. Like yesterday, when I decided to try this tutorial from Pink Penguin. 

I had bought several fat quarters of Lucy's Crab Shack from a sweet quilt shop I found on the road last weekend. Here's my first bag from the tutorial. I think it came out awesome!
 The only change i made was to add a layer of batting to the main fabric pieces, in addition to the recommended interfacing. I just like that cushy feel to my bags. This pattern is a keeper! Then last night I saw that Jennie over at Clover and Violet had done a review of this very same tutorial. Oh wow! When I saw her patchwork bag I knew exactly what I was going to do with my remaining London scraps.
I had to play with the proportions a bit to make the pieced bag work, but it was worth it!

Have you actually made/cooked/tried anything you found on Pinterest lately?


bevkimmel said...

Cute bags! and I pinned the tutorial also. I love pinterest and don't feel it is a waste of time at all. Beats clipping magazines and filing all those papers!

I have made food and sewing projects, so it has really been worth it for me. I may have to look for some London fabric. I love it!

Maria said...

Both your bags are amazing...
I have not gone on Pinterest or Facebook as I spend way too much time on this machine now.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

They both look awesome. I would like to do make the patchwork version. But your Lucy version is great. :)

Melissa said...

These turned out great - love how you used the London scraps.

I don't PIN - I just know I would spend too much time there. But I have looked around this week at scrap rooms.

Lisa said...

I love your bags! I love Pinterest too, Bella's birthday last weekend was straight off a link I found.

Laura Maxell said...

the orange flowered bag is adorable. i have really been loving orange lately, it's the perfect color for summer.