Wednesday, February 1, 2012

another UFO finished

I've been working every day at tidying up my sewing space. I'm totally reorganizing the space, switching things around, so it's taking a while. One thing that bothered me before is that all of my fabric was in plastic tubs in a closet where I couldn't see it. So, little by little, I am folding and sorting my fabric and putting it onto my bookshelves (which means that my magazines are all piled on the floor waiting to be sorted into the plastic bins, but I won't show you that mess!)

Here are my shelves so far.... While I am cleaning, I keep finding unfinished projects tucked here & there. Instead of storing them away, I am trying to finish them up as I go! Today's project was a birthday gift LAST YEAR! I did do all the piecing a year ago, but since then it has been waiting patiently for me to quilt and bind it.

Here's my problem. I need to take a machine quilting class. I love piecing but have never really learned what to do next. I have a walking foot AND a darning foot, I know the basics, but I need to learn more. Well, I have decided that I should just barge ahead with some of the smaller project and straight(ish) line quilt them on my machine. I'm really happy I went ahead and finished this one up in time for Valentine's Day!

The pin cushion is for a swap at The Quilt Asylum in a couple of weeks and the basket is from my basket making days. I just thought it looked cute for the photo shoot. Wow, it's only Wednesday & I have already finished up my "One Thing" for the week! What are you working on?


Sally said...

I need to work on organizing my "sewing" room, looks like a cyclone hit in there. I haven't finished anything lately...I've been in a craft paralysis lately and overcome with thoughts of my real job, too. I hope to get back to my sewing this weekend.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Great job on the UFO finish! My machine is now home again so I will be getting crafty soon!

Lisa said...

Good job! The good thing about finding UFOs is that half the work is already done so it's easier to get something done each week ;-)

Maria said...

I am going shopping in your palce. Love the fab fabrics on your RED bookshelf.Looks great.
Cute little table topper.Nice to finish off a UFO.
Like you I am not a lover of quilting but can't afford to have it done so I just keep plodding along with the FMQ. Sometimes it looks good and sometimes it awful.LOL
Yours looks good sew keep quilting.
Oh did you get my e-mail from my yahoo account?? check your junk mail.

Maria said...

Hi Ellyn,
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.
Are you doing anything special???
Enjoy your special day.
Maria XX

Have send 2 e-mails. One has already ben returned. :(

Trae said...

And I was the lucky recipient of the heart it!