Monday, January 16, 2012

productive day

Since Ally didn't have school today, we decided to go shopping. She needed a pair of scrubs for the HOSA competition that she qualified for at school.... look how cute she is! Ready for the working world I say... This afternoon she helped me take a couple pictures of the cross quilt outside. It was kind of a gray day, very cloudy, but good enough for pictures. Can you see Ally's fingers up at the top?

I also finished up a UFO today. I had pieced this mini quilt top before Christmas (the kit was a Christmas gift, thanks Joellen!) so today I quilted it and bound it... I love the colors.

It feels good to have a finished project already, and it's only Monday! I wonder what else I can get done this week?


Maria said...

You do look great in your scrubs Ally. Boy you have grown taller too....
Yep can see aAlly's fingers. LOL
Love your CROSS Quilt and your UFO finish is lovely too.

Melissa said...

Ally is so cute in her new scrubs!

I like the colors in that mini quilt top - way to go getting a project finished already.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Your mini quilt is very pretty. Colors are perfect for this time of year. What else can you get finished this week??