Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Granny Squares

Gratitude turns what we have into enough.

Knee surgery, round two. Last Tuesday Dr M scoped out my other knee. This time I knew more what to expect. I was ready for a few days in hubby's lounge chair. I had my projects ready. The basket full of granny square supplies was next to my chair. It's amazing how many grannys you can finish when there is nowhere you need to go, nothing you really need to do.... they pile up pretty quickly!

Time off your feet also gives you lots of time to think. To reflect. And to appreciate. I am thankful for my hubby & my kids, who waited on me hand & foot, steadied me on my trips to & from the restroom, kept my water filled, hooked up the ice machine & loved me even though I got a little cranky (hey, it happens!). And I am thankful for the physical therapists who are already pushing me, for increasing mobility and range of motion and patient friends who drive me here and there. I'm up and about again. A little slow, but I'm moving. Life is good.

27 granny squares.

Happy Tuesday.


Maria said...

You have crocheted up a storm Ellyn.Pleased you are on the move again. How lovely to have wonderful family and friends when you need them. I am sure you would do the some for them when needed.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

I want to learn! UGH. I tried on my own and failed. I would love to make a rainbow granny square afghan. Hope you're feeling better, Ellyn!