Saturday, December 31, 2011

Just in the nick of time...

This year I tackled my very first block of the month! I have always resisted these because I was afraid I wouldn't finish.... but when I saw the first Birdie Stitches block in January, over at Little Miss Shabby, I was instantly hooked! If you have been following along here on my blog this year, you'll know that I was determined to get each block done in the month it was released. A couple of times I even got the block done on the very first day of the month! And then November came along. And went. Oops!

So, this final week of the year I am back in the lounge chair recovering from another knee surgery (no pity party needed, it forced me into some much needed down time!). I had my Birdie Stitches box ready next to the chair & as soon as the anesthesia haze lifted I set to work! November block done...
And.... December too! I did it! Hooray for me. Now I know, technically this is still a work in progress, but it will be high on the list of 2012 finishes as soon as I get fabric for the sashing, border, back & binding.

I have more WIPs this year than I have EVER had! I don't know if this is good or bad, but here are the projects I have started that WILL be finished up early in 2012:

1) Birdie Stitches (blocks done!)
2) Cross quilt (at the quilter)
3) Ticker Tape quilt (bring 'n brag block of the month, continues until August)
4) Christmas jelly roll race quilt (topper done, I need to share that with you!)
5) Wall hanging (topper done, a Christmas gift from Joellen, I need to share that too!)
6) Wool felt Christmas table topper (oops, this was supposed to get done last year)
7) Another table runner (topper done, birthday gift from Annie, oops, that should be done by now too!)
8) Tunic for me (just needs buttons)
9) Holiday Stitchalong (no rush!)

So there you have it.... I will try to update you on a regular basis how these are finishing up. Looking forward to seeing what all of you will work on in 2012! Happy New Year my bloggy friends.


Sally said...

I'm glad to see that you were able to get the stitching done on your Birdie blocks! Mine are still languishing in the bin in my shelving unit...they're are near the top of my list for projects to be completed in 2012 :-)

Happy New Year!

Maria said...

Well done Ellyn I love your Birdie Stitchery's.
My DD2 did them too in pastels but as we do not have thanksgiving she turned the turkey into a Frilled Neck Lizard.

TheaMinPA said...

Hi Ellyn - lovely birdie stitches - I'm still working on Nov/Dec blocks - it's been so much fun reading your blog - glad your surgery is past and you are mending and back to stitching!