Monday, November 28, 2011

Sewing for Christmas

Blogging is so hard for me this time of year. So many of the things I am working on are Christmas gifts for people I love. And most of them pop in here to see what I am up to.... thus ruining my surprises! But today I finished up something I can share with you. Leigh Anne asked me a couple weeks ago if she could have her Christmas stocking. The one I hang on our mantle every year. The one that goes right in the middle, right after mine & her dads, but before her brother & sister's. Nope, I couldn't part with it. It doesn't matter that she is all grown up, lives far away from us and can't be home for Christmas this year (boohoo!) So, instead of sending her the stocking that Santa has filled for her at our house year after year, I made her a brand new stocking to hang on the mantle in her sweet apartment! What do you think? I think it turned out very happy.

I will be taking it to her in a couple of weeks when I go to see her graduate from college! What??? How in heavens name did that happen already? I looked back and my very first blog post here I was crying the blues about her leaving for college, and now she is DONE! Don't worry, there will be many pictures of that special event & I will share them all with you here. Meanwhile, back to the sewing room I go! How is your Christmas sewing going?


Melissa said...

That is such a happy stocking - love it!! I have two more small handmade gifts to make & I'll be done with gifts; just need to get going addressing my cards now.

Lisa said...

It's a very happy stocking, I bet she will LOVE it.

Maria said...

I know what you mean Ellyn about posting. LOL

Your Stocking is just gorgeous and I an sure Liegh Anne will love it.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Cute cute cute!! I am trying to get new stockings made for my husband and myself. I made Amelia's last year. I don't know if ours will be done in time. :(