Monday, May 2, 2011


Whenever I read a blog and the writer says she is working on a "secret project" I get a little envious. Typically this means they have a special project that will be published.... or featured on the Moda Bakeshop... or they have a book deal.... or a new fabric line...... well guess what? I am working on a "secret project"! Look for details in about a month.

In addition, it is crazy May. I swear May is busier than December anymore. Especially when you have a High School senior in the house! This week we are preparing Steve for the prom. And addressing piles of graduation announcements and party invitations. And to top it all off, Leigh Anne is coming home next week! This is where she will be sleeping. hmmmm I have some cleaning to do!

And yes, that's the Christmas quilt still out. Because it's comfy. If you had popped into my house last Friday morning at 4AM (now why would you have done that? But let's just pretend shall we?) you would have found me curled up under that quilt watching the great Royal Wedding.

So, if you came here to see pictures of my creations, sorry to disappoint. There's a lot going on at ellyn's place right now. Stay tuned!


PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Lots going on! Can't wait to see your secret project!

Lisa said...

I want to know your secret project!!

Maria said...

HuMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! Secret Project????? I will have to keep a close watch.
Yep you do have a busy house when you have kids.
Love your room. Couch looks comfy. Lucky the wedding was on during the day here in Aus.

Sewjoe said...

So exciting!! I think my sewing room my be cleaner than yours for the first time ever!!