Monday, March 21, 2011

more stashbusting!

First off, for any of you who were worried about it, I did, of course, go back and fix my table runner booboo.... I feel better. Could not finish it the way it was, and it only took a few minutes to undo and turn that block. WHEW!

Next, I picked up another table runner pattern and charm pack of Giddy that my pal Annie sent for my birthday.... totally pieced this baby today, start to finish. Those little squares in the four patches? ONE INCH! Yikes.
I really love these fabrics so much, and it's an odd size for a table runner (18x32 inches). I do think I'll put some borders on it and make a lap quilt out of it. Not sure yet.... stay tuned, I'll let you know!
Now I need to make some backings & start quilting all these toppers! What have you been making lately?


PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Very nice and I would like to point out that I didn't even see your mistake the first time around and I had to compare both pictures to find it. :)

Sally said...

My neighbor for my whole life, until I moved away, was a quilter. Almost always, when she made a quilt, she would deliberately mis-place a piece. That was her little "trademark". Of course, if it was something for myself, I probably would not have bothered to fix it... The great thing about small stuff is that it will quilt up quickly, too!

Sewjoe said...

Whoa! It looks complicated. I am glad you are getting back into your speedy sewer groove. Looking forward to catching up tomorrow!