Sunday, January 23, 2011

mail from far away!

In two weeks I am having a birthday. It's a big one. The big five-O. Sheesh. How the heck did that happen??? Seems like just yesterday I was a young, thirtysomething mommy with little people underfoot. Them days are gone!

I have to admit I am looking forward to my fifties. My forties were good, don't get me wrong. But there were a few bumps in the road, health issues (mine and others), things like that. I'm ready to move on! Turning fifty seems like a good place to start. I can only imagine the joy the next decade will bring.

So, anyways, I'm having this birthday. And yesterday a birthday surprise box arrived in the mail, from my friend Maria in Australia! Now those who know me, know that I am ordinarily very good about waiting. The normal me would put the box on the mantle, unopened, and wait until the fifth of February to even think about opening it! Unlike my friend, Tracey, who would have ripped that puppy right out of the mail lady's hand & torn it apart in the street. But this post isn't about Tracey... (sorry Trace).

Anyways, perhaps I was feeling a bit Tracey-ish yesterday, or maybe I just needed to feel a little spoiled. Or maybe turning 50 is changing me (nahhhh). But I did open that box right up when it arrived. I couldn't help myself! And the first thing I found inside was this soft-as-a-kitten, beautiful winter scarf! Never mind that it is summertime in Australia, sweet Maria knew that it was wintertime in my world. Isn't it gorgeous? That pretty scarf was keeping everything else in the box nicely cushioned and safe! Next I opened up this lovely mug rug, mug and spoon, all with sweet reminders of the land that they came from!
I had admired Maria's mug rugs before. Oh, and also tucked inside was this adorable little tin... bet you can't guess what it has inside?
Come on! Try to guess! You can do it.
Buttons of course! Cheerful and bright & just waiting for some fancy project to stitch them onto!

Thank you Maria. If this is any indication of how turning 50 is going to be, then I'm all for it.


Sewjoe said...

Well, it looks like she gave you enough to cover my gift as well. So am I off the hook this year? Great stuff and what a super thoughtful person Maria is to get it shipped in plenty of time. I guess I should follow her example.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

What a wonderful friend! You are lucky to have her, Ellyn!

Maria said...

It is so nice to see you with the scraf Ellyn. Blogging is great. It is like you are here and chatting.

So pleased to see you enjoyed your gifts.

50 great and 60's I find even better.

Holli said...

What a great friend you have! Happy early Birthday Ellyn. You will alwasys be older than me! HAHAHAHA

Melissa said...

What a fun package - filled with wonderful gifts! I always celebrate my birthday for at least a week, so starting two weeks early definitely seems ok for a big birthday! :>)

Sally said...

This is a very sweet gift! I try to remember to do things like this on occasion for my friends. Of course, I always secretly hope that someone will send me something...but that hasn't really happened yet. lol.

Sally said...

I just wanted to come back and comment, after I was here talking about secretly hoping to get a surprise in the mail.....I received a totally unexpected package in the mail from a very dear friend! :-)

Anonymous said...

I don't know how I missed this!! You are right, I would have ripped that baby right open. (wasn't it fun and satisfying?) What wonderful and thoughtful gifts. You are one lucky lady.
Happy birthday and Hugs,