Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas day at ellyn's place

Today was our family Christmas day for this year. We were waiting for this girl to come home from Arizona..... We had a great day! I even cooked my first prime rib roast & it was DELICIOUS! Now I can show you what I made for Leigh Anne. I only promised it to her three years ago. Her t-shirt quilt!
Oh, & I crocheted Steve's fancy hat too. He hasn't taken it off since this morning! Here's a block that I embroidered for Leigh Anne's quilt....

Many of her t-shirts are from dance companies & competitions she attended growing up. She was surprised & happy to get her quilt today!
AND..... she wasn't the only one who was surprised! My hubby shocked me when he gave me an Ipad! Wow. I totally didn't see that one coming! So guess what I've been playing with all day? Merry Christmas friends. Now we get to spend the next three days with Leigh Anne before we send her back to school & work in the desert.


Maria said...

How nice to spend time with all your children.
Love Leigh Anne's T Shirt quilt.
Enjoy the rst of your time with everyone.

Lisa said...

Merry Christmas dear Ellyn. Love the T shirt quilt!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Lovely T shirt quilt. I'm sure your daughter was happy to take that back with her. Your husband must have talked to my husband. I got the same surprise! It is TOTALLY addicting! I hated going back to work yesterday but was happy to get an iPad break!