Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall Bounty

This morning, hubby & I got up early & headed downtown to the Dallas Farmers Market! We had never been before. It was a beautiful morning, a little chilly, perfect with a sweatshirt, plenty of sunshine! I wanted to take pictures down at the Market but hubby was embarassed. He didn't want to look like tourists (honestly, I didn't care! But I honored his wishes).

So I took a picture of my loot on the kitchen table after we got home!
 Look at those colors! The whole farmers market was like that, gorgeous colored fruits & veggies beautifully displayed. I can't wait to cook up some of these goodies!
 And the fall oranges & golds & greens! We had to get a pumpkin (for the kids. or at least that's the story we tell. Hubby LOVES to carve pumpkins!) and some beautiful small pumpkins & gourds for fall decorating.
There was a craft barn, huge disappointment! Most of the booths were empty or closed. And we were amazed at how few people were there shopping! I had always heard that to get the best produce, you needed to be there when the market opens. Well. There was hardly anybody there shopping! When we were leaving about an hour after we arrived, there were more cars in the lot & a few more people wandering in but not a crowd. I am wondering if it is because today is the last day of the Texas fair? Maybe.

Now that I know how to get there (not too hard) I look forward to going often!


Melissa said...

We had our first trip to the Dallas Farmer's Market back in August, and I took photos while we were there and of our bounty at home! We've been back a few times and are trying to go about twice a month now! Here's my post about our first visit:

Lisa said...

Yum! We love our Farmers Market too.

Maria said...

What wonderful colours. Looking forward to seeing the pumpkin after DH has craved it.