Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Birthday sis!

Today is my sister Diane's birthday!
Her card is going to be late. Because of all the company & chaos here. Ok, that's a lousy excuse. It's just late! No more excuses. Happy Birthday Di!

When I was in Arizona about 6 weeks ago, Mom was working on some pillows for Di's birthday & she recruited me to help her finish them up. Check these out....
 The pillows are made entirely from recycled denim dresses & jumpers that Diane gave to mom a while ago. Mom had already done all of the patchwork for the king sized pillow covers when I arrived. She also had the butterflies cut out & ready to applique. I just helped get the handwork done & borders on. We had so much fun working on them! & you won't believe what we did with the backs of the big pillows....
we used the buttons from the dresses! So they can be opened up & switched out/washed if need be. Isn't that clever? Mom's idea.

I really enjoyed working with the recycled fabrics to make something new & useful. There are some new ideas spinning in my head & hopefully soon you will be seeing some of them come to life. Stay tuned!


Diane said...

I love the pillows and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my sister and mom!!!

Maria said...

Beautiful Pillows. So much fun to work with your Mum to make something for you sister Di.
Lovely comment Di
Hope you have a great birthday.

Sally said...

These are beautiful! I especially love the color combo.