Monday, August 30, 2010

Rest in Peace

I had a plan today. First, I ventured upstairs (gasp!) into kidville to do a little cleaning up. Those who know me well will be amazed by this. Upstairs is not a place I visit often! After I had cleared out dirty clothes, trash & dishes (dishes??? what were they doing up there??? don't ask), I remade Leigh Anne's bed (hey she's only been gone for a month!) and cleaned her room up real nice so company can stay in there next week! That didn't take long, honestly, as she has taken everything back to Arizona with her & no longer considers herself a resident of this household (sob!).

After I completed this, and a couple loads of laundry, emptied the dishwasher & cleaned up the kitchen, I rewarded myself with lunch out with a friend (and a stop at the post office, keep your eyes open for your prize Beth!). Then zoomed back home. Next up? SEWING! Oh & some ironing as the shirts were beginning to pile up.

I plugged in my iron, turned my ipod to one of my favorite podcasts & prepared to set to work. But alas, when I returned to the ironing board, the iron was COLD. The light was OFF. This. is. bad. Unplug iron, replug. Nothing. Fiddle with buttons. Nothing. Plug into a different plug. Nothing. Dang. This does not fit with today's plan, now does it? Sigh.

Phone rings & I take an unplanned trip to Ally's school with meds & a pep talk. Hmmm as long as I'm out, I might as well go get a new iron, right? I mean, it would be silly not to. Right? The nurse & Ally suggested a pink iron. Well! You won't believe what I found! I think it's very cheerful & it works great. I'd show you a picture of the wrinkled shirt pile, but they are all neatly ironed! Hooray! So, I had a little detour today but was still productive. Whew! All is not lost.

Hope your Monday has been equally happy.


PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Sexy iron! I love it!!

Sally said...

I love the cheerfullness of the new iron! I love my iron so was a wedding gift and much more expensive than I probably would have purchased for myself. It has fallen off the ironing board a couple times now, onto the hardwood floor...I'm nervous that it will stop working soon.

Maria said...

Oh what a gorgeous iron. Now you will have to get an ironing board cover to match, LOL

Sewjoe said...

We purchased two pink fans off Woot and the description said they were "sexy". This reminds me of the fans. Enjoy your new iron.