Saturday, July 3, 2010

a case for a MacBook

Lucky Leigh Anne got to spend 3 1/2 weeks in Europe the beginning of the summer! She was studying journalism over there (and having some fun along the way!) Unfortunately, someone broke into the girls flat in London & stole all of their computers. Not the highlight of her trip, I assure you.

So..... Leigh Anne got to order a new laptop for school. She decided to make the switch to a Mac. The MacBook was ordered on Wednesday (along with a FREE Ipod touch! Lucky girl) and it arrived yesterday! WOW! She has been having a blast figuring it out & asked me to make her a new laptop sleeve for it. Of course I said yes! Here's the finished case.... patchwork in the colors she requested. I stitch & flipped it on a piece of fusible batting so it quilted as I went along. Two snaps on the flap & a bright pink lining, as requested.... It was fun to make (I think my laptop needs a new case too, don't you? Hmmm that may be tomorrow's project!) and quick! I bought the fabric this morning and tonight her MacBook has a new home....

I love making my kids happy!

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Maria said...

Just gorgeous and I love the colours.