Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ready for borders (and a horse in my kitchen)

My World as it Should Be quilt is all put together now & ready for borders (don't look to closely at the points!) I'm just trying to decide what colors the borders should be & it will be ready to quilt! Yay!

Oh, & the horse in my kitchen? I bet you're wondering about that, right? Well of course it's a cake!

Ally & I bought a horse shaped pan. A little friend of ours has a birthday coming up & she LOVES horses. So Ally is practicing to make her birthday cake. Her first try at it is pretty fantastic, don't you think? Ok, honestly, this is cake number 2. Cake number one stuck to the pan! Suddenly I am feeling better about my cake disasters. Seems it runs in the family. But cake number two is lovely! Well, it was. Now it has been eaten! & our little neighbor girls have full tummies tonight. They sure do love Ally. I wonder why?


Maria said...

what a great bright quilt. I would put navy borders on.

Ally your cakes looks gorgeous. Wish I lived closer so I could taste it. No wonder your little nieghbours love you,

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Ally did a great job on the horse cake. Lots of stars on it. Lots of work!

Anonymous said...

That is a pretty COOL cake. I love the colors. Good baking and decorating, ladies.