Wednesday, June 16, 2010

playing around with plastic canvas!

Sister Diane over at CraftyPod posted a great tutorial for making these little plastic canvas needlepoint charms! I am having a blast with these. Needed something new to do in waiting rooms since I finished up my quilt. You should try these out, they're fun! Each one is two sided too! I made the backs different so you get two completely different looks from each one...
I did this next one with variegated thread! Love that look... Now I just need to get some fun chains to put them on & they will be done!

Some folks have commented that it is difficult to find the small count (10 squares per inch) plastic canvas that these call for. I had no trouble at all... Hobby Lobby had it here. It's worth the hunt if you can't find it right away. I used embroidery floss (all six strands) and #20 crewel needles (thanks for the suggestion Jill!). I wonder if the chains will be on sale any time soon???


Sewjoe said...

Cute! Dang, I don't need another hobby woman! We seriously need to get together. This has inspired me to try something else.

Diane Gilleland said...

Yaaaay! I love what you did with the colors, and especially with the variegated floss. Also, really impressed with your use of those matching jump rings! I've never seen multicolor jump rings before. Thanks so much for the link!