Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Spring

When I saw these lovely daffodils at the grocery store, I knew it was spring! I brought home three (yes, three!) bundles of them! I know that they never last very long, so when I find them I tend to buy bundles! They just make me smile! We woke up on Sunday morning, the first full day of spring, to 8 inches of snow! Seriously? I thought I was in Texas! Silly Texas. Of course, it has warmed up nicely now & the sun is shining....

So here is my question for you. What is it that makes you think SPRING!???

You already know one of my answers. Daffodils! I also love to buy a cheerful springy tablecloth like the one above, for my kitchen table. You know the ones I mean, the ones you can get at Walmart for less than $5! Ok, it's confession time, I actually bought TWO this year! So when this one gets worn out, I have another, different, one tucked away.

My crafting tends to change in the spring too. I am just finishing up my granny-a-day afghan (yes, the one I started nearly a year ago! it took a while) & I will be happy to have that heavy yarn off my lap for the warmer weather! I am also finishing up a big quilt that the ladies at church have been working on. No more big heavy projects! Spring means bright colored fabric (oh wait, I pretty much sew with those year round, don't I?), summer clothes (Ally has requested some ruffly spring skirts this year) and small projects.

Welcome spring! I hope you stick around for a good long time. I'm not that fond of Texas summers after all.

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Amy said...

I have them on my table too! John brought me home some from work! They are so pretty!