Friday, February 26, 2010

Another Friday cake post!

You are probably wondered if ellyn's place has gone totally to the cakes! I promise, next week there will be more crafting in this space. Meanwhile, check out the lovely roses Ally learned to make tonight at her cake decorating class! This poor cake was not without it's mishaps. Since Ally has a very busy life (what 13 year old doesn't?) I have become her designated cake baker/icing maker. While this may sound like a simple thing to you, you need to know that I am NOT a genius in the kitchen. Not even close. In fact, I am fairly terrible in the kitchen!

So, today got out my Betty Crocker cake mix (no, I am not baking cakes from scratch. Box mix! This is not rocket science!) Had cake number one in the oven by 9AM! Yes, I was fairly impressed with myself at this point, but alas, the feeling did not last.

Cake was out of the oven & cooling, the rest of the mix neatly made into cupcakes for practice. 10 minutes on the cooling rack, just like the box says to do. & then, I carefully run a knife around the edges, turn the cake onto the cooling rack and..... splat. Crumbs everywhere & a gooey mess in the center. I know, you'd love to see pictures of that wouldn't you? Sorry, no pictures (next time I have a cake disaster, I promise to document it properly!).

Cake number two (yes, I had spare cake mix in the pantry. I know myself well) was in the oven by 10:00. Thankfully, there was no disaster this time & the cake came out lovely, round and DONE! Nice job mom.

So now you know why ALLY is the cake decorator and not ME! She does nice work, doesn't she? Next week she begins level two, all flowers! & I do promise to keep you updated on her progress. But I also promise to get back to my crafty goodness. After I clean the kitchen. Again.


Unknown said...

The flowers are so pretty! Even prettier now that I know the "rest of the story" guys are awesome!

Amy said...

Very pretty flowers! Blue is my favorite color! Keep it up Ally! You are doing a magnificent job!

Sewjoe said...

So pretty! My birthday is Aug. 3 so she has plenty of more time to practice not that she needs it.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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