Friday, January 22, 2010

A trip around the world!

My new camera has gone on a trip around the world.Yes, you heard me right. My CAMERA is currently on an airplane headed for Singapore with hubby. Not me. Just my camera. I'm sure it will come back with some lovely images. And when it does, I will be happy to share them with you! Last time hubby went to Asia he did not take a camera! So this time, since I have a fun, new, lightweight camera, he decided it needed to go on a trip! Lucky camera.

Meanwhile, I can't take any lovely pictures to share with you. (insert sad face here!) Of course I could get out my old, bulky camera. And I assure you, if I get desperate, I will do that. But for now I cannot even take pictures of the lovely painted pegs I received in the mail from Shona. You really must go visit her blog. She is such a marvelous artist & I get so inspired by what I see there.

So Shona chose my name from among her many followers & I got to choose one of her beautiful projects to call my very own. Luckily, she posted a picture of the pretty pegs on her blog. I borrowed it so I could show them to you here (you didn't really think I was going to make you wait for that silly camera to come home now, did you?)
Aren't they beautiful? Now my brain is spinning with ways I might use them..... most likely they will be making an appearance in my sewing studio. After I get it cleaned up that is. Which is going to happen. Soon. I promise!

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arlette said...

very beautiflul congatulation !