Monday, October 19, 2009

Make it University!

On Saturday I decided to see if I could get selected for a class at the "Make it University" at Quilt Festival. Basically these are make it & take it workshops offered throughout each day by Quilting Arts Magazine. I had seen other ladies doing them & they looked like fun!

So, first thing Saturday, I ran to the "Make it University" area (ok, I didn't run! My knees were killing me after 2 days of walking! But I walked as fast as I could!) & threw my name into 6 of the fishbowls for class drawings.

I didn't have to wait long, as they drew the names for the first class at 10:15. Guess what??? There weren't even 25 names in the bowl (they take 25 for each class) so we all got in! From what I understand, that never happens! So I went on in & took my seat.

That class was called "Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams Mini-book" & it was taught by Lyric Kinard. You can see her below, in the center with the dark hair & glasses, along with several ladies from the class displaying their finished books.
It was a fun class! We had different kinds of papers & fabrics. We stamped, painted, did image transfers, all kinds of techniques, to create our little books.

Later in the afternoon I got selected for a second class! There were lots of ladies who didn't get into that class & I felt a little bad getting into TWO in one day! But not bad enough to sacrifice my spot!

This class was called "Travelling Art Box". It was taught by Jamie Fingal.
We made these little decoupaged boxes out of Altoid boxes! It was really fun. The fan folded paper goes inside. I took mine home & put pictures of my quilts on each of the pages before I fastened it into the box.
This is Becky. She was sitting next to me & was very good company! It was so much fun to make new friends along the way.
What a great time I had at Make it University! If you ever go to Quilt Market, you should try to get into one of these classes! You won't regret it I promise!

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Lyric said...

TWO MIU's in one day!!! You ARE a lucky girl!

I'm so glad you had such a great time at festival.