Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A granny a day.... in May.... and August

What began in May as this...... is now this! I began grannying in May, following along with Meet Me at Mike's "Granny a day" & finally finished Ally's afghan last night. It's 100 grannys!

I decided to do 2 rows of border all the way around to finish it, a double crochet pink & single crochet of orange & it was just the right touch. I'm going to miss my grannying every day! Of course I still have my hexagon afghan to finish & I just printed off these instructions from Sarah London to try..... not like I will be bored or anything!


Lisa said...

Love it! I've 3/4 finished mine and got sidetracked.. it can cover my little boy and girls legs but needs to grow a bit more for me to fit!

Vintage Chicken said...

Very pretty!
So cheerful and cozy!