Saturday, July 25, 2009

pattern debut!

Remember this bag? It's like the one I made on my weekend retreat at the Alford InnWell, I have written the pattern so you can make one too! It's been fun learning the process. I want to thank my pattern testers (& good friends!) Annie, Sue & Joellen! Without their input, I could not have done this. Also my proofreaders (that would be my awesome daughters, Leigh Anne & Allyson), my photographer (son Steve) & my business manager & all around encourager (my sweet husband, Rick).

Here's the finished product! I've named it the Nantucket Market Bag, because the first one I made was for someone who was taking it to Nantucket for summer vacation. Apparently you are not allowed to use paper or plastic grocery bags there! Good rule I say.

I will be delivering a batch of patterns to Cindy at the Alford Inn later this week, so if you live anywhere near Van Alstyne, TX you can pick one up there. Or, you can email me directly at & I will be happy to send you one for $8 plus shipping. Oh, & if you should happen to be a retailer, email me & we'll work out a deal!
I look forward to designing some more patterns in the future, this has been really fun!

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Sewjoe said...

Yeah! Looks great! I will definitely be buying a pattern!