Friday, July 3, 2009

IKEA finds & an owl

Today the girls & I went to IKEA. Ally has been bugging me to go for a while. She is ready to remodel the gameroom.....

So she found this rug, which will be her jumping off point for the decorating! Lots of possibilities here (& apparently it's really soft!)
I bought myself a new ironing board! It's really sturdy, & much wider than my old one, almost 18 inches wide! I had seen it last time I was there & didn't get it. Today it was on sale! YAY! I love the little rack for my iron too (don't mind the mess around it....)

But the cover is really boring. Ally thinks I should make a new cover out of this fabric (also from IKEA). What do you think? I think it just might work!

Next week I am heading to Louisville with a friend from church. We'll be attending the Churchwide gathering of Presbyterian Women. I'm really excited about it! I have a huge list of things to get done before I go. Today I got my hair cut (CHECK!). Here's something else that was on my list..... the other day at Target I bought a solid yellow nightshirt that looked comfy for the trip. Ally said "Mom that's really plain. It needs an owl on the front."

Owl. (CHECK!)
On to the next project!


Anonymous said...

God forbid you sleep in a plain ol' nightshirt!! Love it!!

Ally said...

HeHe That's me on that rug!

Vintage Chicken said...

ooooh... I love the rug! Can't wait to see what direction she jumps off in! LOL

And the fabric for the ironing board cover is great too!
You really had a great IKEA trip!

Allison said...

That hippo fabric is so cute, it would be a cute cover for your ironing board which I am jealous of. :) Thanks for stopping by and linking -Allison