Saturday, March 21, 2009

I found it!

The bottom of the closet in my sewing room that is! A couple years ago, I bought all these lovely see through boxes at Walmart & sorted my stash by color. My sweet husband built lovely shelves & my sweet daughter labelled the boxes (ok, she had a fascination with the cool label maker! But hey, she got the job done!). It was so amazingly organized & lovely. Well, in the days/months/years that followed, all of my motivation to be organized went right out the window! I work best in confusion you see. Moderate confusion, anyways! As I collected more scraps, fat quarters & yardage it all started to pile up in the closet (on the floor). Eventually it went something like this.... open closet a couple inches (so the pile doesn't fall out), throw scraps in, quickly slam door! Yikes. So today was the day! I sorted it all out, put it back into the appropriate (still labelled!) bins, & I feel so much better! Even found a few UFOs I had completely forgotten about... & a couple of patterns that had gone missing on me. So now I am ready to take on the world!

Is spring break over yet?

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