Friday, February 20, 2009

the skirt...

On Monday, Allyson requested a trip to Quilt Assylum since she was off school. She wanted to see first hand Anna Maria Horner's fabrics (yes, my 12 year old follows Anna Maria's Blog!) She fell in love with this one, from the Good Folks line.... so I bought 2 yards for PJ pants, as she requested (& several fat quarters for a matching bag. who needs a matching bag for PJ pants? Allyson does apparently!).

Well, off we went to lunch, with our purchases in hand. & somewhere between the eggdrop soup & the mini chocolate dessert at PF Changs, the PJ pants became a bohemian style, full skirt! That Allyson has a mind that doesn't stop. And so, you guessed it, off we went to the fabric store for a pattern.

Now, I had noticed that this particular fabric has wide bands of striping that go around... AND the flowers fall in vertical stripes as well! Every seamstresses nightmare, lots of matching! Thanks a bunch Anna Maria! The first few skirt patterns Allyson found were multitiered & would have been impossible with this fabric (ok, proabably not impossible, but very difficult). We settled on the full skirt above. Of course, this skirt required twice as much fabric as the PJ pants we had originally planned! Another trip to Quilt Assylum for two more yards and a half yard of coordinate for the sash.... not that I'm complaining mind you!

So now her skirt is finished & I imagine we will have to go find the perfect top & maybe leggings to match? I can't wait for her to come home & model it for me... but I wanted to share it with you NOW! Ahhhhh I wonder where my children get their impatience?

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