Friday, February 13, 2009

a clean start

Although I am constantly telling people (ok, mostly people who are forced to live with messy me!) that I need my "stuff" all around me in order to create.... every now & then I have to dig out from under the pile of nonsense & start fresh in a clean craft room! So today I had a whole day to myself & I decided it was time! I filed the magazines in a pile on the floor.... ironed the shirts piled on my couch (yes, some of them were SUMMER shirts! Yikes!) cleaned up all the piles of fabric, yarn, patterns, beads, etc. & wow! It's really pretty comfortable in here!

So I opened up my laptop at one end of my workspace, hooked my ipod up to my fancy jobshop radio & caught up on all the podcasts that were piling up (a little high tech tidying up too!). Two episodes of Quilting Stash, a Craftcast, a Craftypod.... worked a little on my latest secret project (you never know who reads these things!), played a few games of online scrabble... & my room is still clean!

I do need to tackle the closet still (anyone want to come help?). The system is in place; a year or so ago Allyson & I sorted every craft supply known to man into matching see through boxes, labelled them neatly & put them on new shelves built by my sweet husband! If only I would take the time to put things back where they belong... but alas that is not in my messy nature.

I'm always envious when I see artists beautiful, tidy, studios in magazines & online... mine will never look like that! At least not for more than a day or so... oh well!

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